Payments Options

The OAG offers several payment options for employers to make their child support payments:

Option 1: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) using CCD+ or the CTX (820) format
Option 2: Internet (SMART e-Pay)
Option 3: Individual check with ALL case information on the FACE OF THE CHECK
Option 4: Individual check with multiple employees/obligors using the Employer Processing Form

Effective September 1, 2013, state law authorizes a payment processing surcharge of up to $25 on an employer with 50 or more employees for each payment made on behalf of an employee that is not made by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or electronic data exchange (EDI). [TFC § 158.203(d)(e)(f)] The surcharge may not be charged against the employee or taken from amounts withheld from the employee's wages.

The Legislature in this session added a payment processing surcharge to TFC § 158.203(b), which requires any employer with 50 or more employees to remit child support payments by EFT or EDI no later than the second business day after the pay date on which the funds were withheld.

Option 1: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT allows a payment to be made within the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to transfer a child support payment and payment information electronically. EFT can save employers time and money because it reduces data entry errors as well as postage and handling costs.

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) supports the following:

  • The corporate credit, and debit plus (1) addenda record (CCD+) format or Corporate Trade Exchange (CTX 820) plus (9,999) addenda records
  • The standard addenda record (record 7) format used for child support, known as the “DED”

If you are interested in converting to EFT, contact the Employer Call Center at 1-800-850-6442 and request to speak to an EFT specialist.

For additional information or examples, go to the full description of the Electronic Funds Transfer.

Option 2: Internet (SMART e-Pay)

SMART e-Pay is a free web-based solution for employers to submit child support withholdings. The SMART e-Pay solution is similar to a bank draft since SMART e-Pay debits your company’s bank account each pay period and transfers the funds to the state disbursement unit (SDU).  To find out more information or to register, go to

Option 3: Individual Check with ALL Case Information on the Face of the Check

To use this payment option, the employer needs to submit an individual check with the following case information on the face of the check or on the statement that accompanies the check:

  • OAG case number / Court cause number
  • Obligor’s/employee’s name and SSN
  • Obligee’s/employee’s name
  • Date of withholding

For additional information or examples, go to Individual Check with All Case Information.

Option 4: Individual Check with Multiple Employees/Obligors Using the Employer Processing Form

To use this payment option, the employer needs to do the following:

  • Prepare the check with the total dollar amount for all employees/obligors
  • Make sure the amount of the check and the Employer Processing form amount balance
  • Make the check payable to the agency indicated in the most current Order/Notice
  • Mail the payment with the Employer Processing Form (print format or Excel format)

For additional information or examples, go to Individual Check with Multiple Employees.

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