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Medical Support

General Information

For children who live apart from one or both of their parents, securing health insurance coverage can be particularly complex and burdensome. In many instances, these same children are eligible to receive health insurance coverage through the noncustodial or custodial parent’s employer sponsored health plan.

The Texas Family Code (TFC) requires the court to order medical support be provided for a child involved in any suit affecting the parent–child relationship. If health insurance is available for a child through the employee’s place of employment, the court may order the employee to include the child in the parent’s health insurance. [TFC § 154.181, 154.182 (1)]

Medical Support is a child support obligation and may be enforced by any means available for the enforcement of child support, including withholding from earnings. The amount the employee is ordered to pay as medical support for the child includes the cost of health insurance coverage or cash medical support and is in addition to the amount the employee is required to pay for child support. [TFC § 154.183 (a) (1-3)]

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