New Hires

Benefits of Reporting

The new hire data provided by employers is compiled into the statewide database where it is compared with lists of people applying for Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits or with outstanding overpayments. The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) investigates and takes action to stop benefits and/or recover overpayments. Accurate and timely reporting of new hires enables the OAG to locate noncustodial parents sooner and increases child support collections for families.

When reported consistently, new hire reporting helps

  • prevent fraudulent public assistance, worker’s compensation, and unemployment benefit claims,
  • provide early detection of overpayments resulting in substantial savings to the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund (UITF),
  • return overpayments recovered by Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to the UITF, which results in lower unemployment taxes, and
  • reduce the number of verification of employment requests employers receive from the OAG.

Benefits of Reporting Online

  • Easy, simple, and quick
  • Reduces postage and paper costs and improves the quality of data submitted
  • Provides capability to print and/or view a history of records submitted
  • Provides e-mail notification when income withholding orders are available for retrieval on the Web site

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