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New Hires

Reporting Methods

New hire information may be reported several ways. Choose the most convenient option from the following list:

  1. Online submission through this website
    1. You must first request an account. Once you have received your user ID and password, you may begin reporting your new hires online.
    2. When submitting records using the online application, you may be asked if you want to receive your income withholding orders electronically. This process allows an employer to be notified via e-mail when an order/notice is available for retrieval through our secure website. If interested in this process, go to Wage Withholding, Electronic Process, to learn more.
  2. File uploads through the Internet
    1. You must first request an account.
    2. Use the required TXT file layout or the required Excel spreadsheet template.
    3. Contact the Employer Call Center at 1-800-850-6442 to request technical assistance with the file layout.
    4. Refer to the upload instructions for procedures.
  3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
    1. Use the required TXT file layout.
    2. Contact the Employer Call Center at 1-800-850-6442 to request technical assistance in implementing the FTP of new hires.
  4. Mail or FAX a hardcopy of the W-4 and a printed list of employee new hire information
    1. The following are hardcopies that may be mailed of faxed:
      • W-4
      • printed list of new hire information for multiple employees
      • the Texas Employer New Hire Reporting form
    2. See Data to Report for information required for reporting new hires in a printed list.
    3. Mail to the following address:
      ENHR Operations Center
      P.O. Box 149224
      Austin, Texas 78714-9224
    4. FAX: 1-800-732-5015
  5. By phone to the Employer Call Center: 1-800-850-6442
    (Please have new hire information ready.)
  6. Obtaining a History of Submitted Records

    • When reporting online, employers may “View Today’s Activity” that allows the user to display all records entered that day.
    • A 90-day history can be requested if more than 8 hours have passed by selecting “View 90-Day History.”
    • If records are submitted by mail, fax, or phone, a 90-day history request may be obtained via e-mail to

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