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If you are a Custodial Parent, Noncustodial Parent, or an Attorney, you will need to access Your Online Child Support Account for assistance.

Accessing some features on our website require you to log in. To set up a new user account, please complete and submit the information below. When your request is approved, you will receive a User ID and password that will allow you to log in.

Click the Help Button icon for more information, including definitions of terms.

First, we need to determine which type of user account is being requested. Please select one of the user types below:

Vendor / County / OAG Staff Public / Partner Agencies Account Request

User Type Description
TEXAS COUNTY Select this type if you are a county employee performing Child Support services.
INCOME VERIFICATION Select this type if you are a Housing Authority (HA) or Eligibility Specialist (ES) requesting access to this website to obtain child support payment information as a condition for receiving subsidized services.
OTHER STATE IV-D AGENCY Select this type if you are an interstate Child Support worker authorized to work Child Support cases for another state's IV-D agency.
FOREIGN COUNTRY C/S AGENCY Select this type if you are assigned to enforce a Child Support case in conjunction with the State of Texas.