In Texas, the Texas State Disbursement Unit (SDU) is the centralized location and processes the following types of child support payments:

  • All payments on cases being enforced by OAG (“full service” IV-D cases).
  • All payments on cases where the child support order was rendered on or after January 1, 1994, and that are subject to income withholding (“registry only” IV-D cases).
  • Payments on cases before 1994 for 163 counties have been entered into a Registry Conversion Contract with the Office of the Attorney General.

Additional federally mandated procedures include the following:

  • Identify payments accurately
  • Disburse all payments within two business days of receiving them
  • Disburse promptly the custodial parent’s share of any payment
  • Furnish to any parent, upon request, a timely record of all payments made through the Texas SDU and the OAG

A “Notice of Place of Payment” is used to redirect child support payments from a local registry to OAG’s SDU. OAG, and some counties, issue this notice to employers informing them that child support is to be paid to the Texas SDU. At times, the notice is included with the Order/Notice To Withhold Income For Child Support.

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