Payment Submission Information

The SDU is required by law to process payments within two days of receipt. Since most child support payments go directly to the SDU and bypass the local registry, recipients on cases may receive child support checks sooner. Child support payments directed to the SDU should be mailed to the SDU address:

      Texas State Disbursement Unit
      P.O. Box 659791
      San Antonio, Texas 78265-9791

Every Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support provides additional information on how to pay the support withheld:

  • Name and address of the payment agency
  • Employee‘s /obligor’s case identifier
  • Person or agency to whom payments are to be made payable

For each payment sent to the payment agency, an employer must identify the following:

  • OAG case number
  • Name of the employee (called the “Obligor” in the court order) and social security number
  • Name of the person entitled to support (called the “Obligee” or “custodial parent” in the court order)
  • Name of the county or the county’s federal information processing code
  • County cause number
  • Date on which the support was withheld

The OAG, court clerks, and other payment agencies use case numbers unique to the specific agency. OAG and the Texas SDU use the OAG case number and court cause number. Refer to the order/notice for the correct account number to use. When in doubt, contact the payment agency stated in the order/notice.

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