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Upload Instructions for Termination Reporting via the Internet

To create an electronic file, please refer to the file layout or the Excel spreadsheet template. (See “Available Forms” below.) Each termination record should be represented by one line in the file containing all required data for both employee and employer. Typically, payroll software is able to create this file type using the file formatting specifications as the template for the file output.

To create and activate a user account, go to Request an Account. After activating your user account, do the following:

 Step   Action
1 Log into the Web site.
2 Click Data Transfer in the top navigation bar.
3 Click Upload File in the navigation bar.
4 Select File Type TERMINTN from the drop-down menu and click Go.
5 Click the Browse button to select an already created file from your hard drive or other location on your company’s network.
6 Enter a file description that will be meaningful to you at a later date.
7 Click the Upload File button.
8 Note the File ID number for future reference.

After the file transfer is complete, a message states that the “File has been uploaded successfully. The File ID is _____.” The file results are available immediately. You can view a file summary and detailed submission history for up to 7 days. If the file is not readable, is empty, or contains errors, we will notify you.

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