Income Withholding

Electronic Delivery Information

Employers will be notified by e-mail when income withholding order/notices are available for retrieval. To avoid having hard copies of order/notices mailed when files are not retrieved (downloaded) within two days, it is recommended that employers choose a single e-mail address to which more than one person will have access. A mail group may be associated with the single e-mail address or the proxy functionality of the employer’s e-mail software can make the address available to several people.

Download Instructions for Retrieving Income Withholding Order/Notices

Follow the steps below for retrieving your income withholding order/notices.

Step Action
1 Log into the Web site.
2 Click on "Child Support Portal Home" on top left side of the screen.
3 Click on the Data Transfer tile.
4 Click on Download File button.
5 Click on AIWEPAK from the drop-down menu and click Search.
6 In the Search Results section, do ONE of the following to select the appropriate file:
  • IF you need to check the details of the file to ensure that you have the correct one, go to step 7.
  • IF you are sure which file is the correct one, go to step 8.
7 To ensure that a file is the one you need, do the following:
  • Click the radio button (far left column) in the appropriate row.
  • Click the File Details button to display the details of that specific file.
  • Check the details and if it's the correct file, click the Download button.
8 If you are sure a specific file is the correct one, click the file number in the File ID column, click the Download button.

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