Income Withholding

Remitting Withheld Amounts

Child support payments must be mailed to the address specified in the Order/Notice on the pay date on which the payment was withheld. For payments made by electronic funds transfer or electronic data exchange, the amount must be transmitted not later than the second business day after the pay date.

The employer must include the following with each payment submitted:

  • OAG case number / court cause number
  • Name and SSN of each employee (obligor) for whom child support was withheld
  • Amount withheld per Order/Notice
  • Obligee’s name and SSN, if available
  • Name of the county or county’s federal information processing standard code
  • Date on which the withholding occurred
    [TFC § 158.203]

The Texas State Disbursement Unit (SDU) was created in response to a 1996 federal welfare reform law that required all states to establish a central location for processing child support payments.

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